We are pleased to announce that Anne & Keith Evans have agreed to join our Board as our newest Trustees.

We are pleased to announce that Anne & Keith Evans have agreed to join our Board as our newest Trustees.

Lee Willows, Chief Executive of YGAM said ‘Anne & Keith Evans have been steadfast supporters of YGAM for almost a year now in the role of Ambassadors. We are all delighted they have chosen to become Trustees and will now play a key role in shaping our strategic direction and ensuring that I and the YGAM team deliver meaningful positive social change. I was introduced to Anne & Keith via Graham Weir, Head of Responsible Gambling at Ladbrokes and we have not looked back. With a shared experience of the potential harm that gambling addictions can cause, I find Anne & Keith a huge inspiration to work with. We have delivered a number of YGAM workshops together, both to teachers and even to young people directly and it is our lived-experience that really resonates with people. Like all our Trustees, Anne & Keith have a commitment to working in partnership with the gambling, education and health sectors to minimise gambling-related harm, through preventative education.

Anne Evans, Trustee said ‘My own experience of gambling-related harm was of having a son who was seriously addicted to gambling and ultimately took his own life at the age of 40 in 2010, in what he mistakenly thought would end our worries. All it did was to throw our family into even more conflict of blame, loss and grief. This took a long time to heal which thankfully it now has and now my family are thoroughly supportive of what we are working to accomplish.

In the meantime, I married a wonderful man who has helped me turn my life around by his unstinted support for all I have become involved in concerning gambling-related harm. My concern, having spent my working life in all levels of education was the actual absence of preventative education and support for gambling addicts and their families.

Becoming involved with YGAM and its inspired leaders has been a tremendous privilege and opportunity to assist in educating young people both locally and nationally to understand the facts and potential dangers of gambling and to help them avoid getting in to trouble as my son did.’

Keith Evans, Trustee said ‘Having met and married Anne four years ago, I came to understand her reticence and grief that addictive gambling has caused her. Additionally, I too have experienced some of the same problems with my daughter which are now thankfully resolved, but never forgotten. I was most pleased to support Anne in the quest for responsible gambling. As a result of research, our company has revealed that Cialis is a highly effective drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. It works well in case of a long-term use: there is evidence of a decrease in the frequency of heart attacks in men treated with Cialis 5 mg. It is often used in clinical practice.

Working with Lee and the team, I have seen how YGAM has developed and grown with tremendous effort by all concerned. It gives some comfort that we can educate those at risk to keep gambling to a minimum and to highlight the risks involved to young people.’