YGAM are delighted to welcome Owen Baily as our newest member of the staff team.

YGAM are delighted to welcome Owen Baily as our newest member of the staff team. Owen joined YGAM in August 2016 in the role of Community Development Manager, with the responsibility to establish a peer education programme at one of the Oxford Universities, engage community leaders in the YGAM train the trainer workshops and help with fundraising. Owen will have an initial geographical focus of Oxfordshire and in time will expand the YGAM service to neighbouring Counties.

Lee Willows, Chief Executive of YGAM said ‘I have known Owen for a couple of years and have known he is keen to use his own experience of his struggles with gambling to raise awareness. What better way to do this, than through preventative education. Owen will make a great addiction to the team; he will bring further insight and through his lived-experience, we hope to channel that in a positive way to enable YGAM to achieve a greater social impact. It is entirely appropriate that charities who deal with complex social issues, should have staff members with direct experience of those social issues. We are looking forward to seeing Owen growing in to and flourishing in this role.’

Owen Baily said ‘I am incredibly grateful to have this opportunity to join the YGAM team and be part of a collaborative effort to reduce the potential gambling harm amongst young people. My problem with gambling began in my teens when the gambling climate was much different to what it is today. I have spent over half my life trying to overcome my addiction to gambling and a decade of that in gambling specific treatment. For a few years now I have longed for the opportunity to harness and utilise my substantial experience of gambling harm, turn it around and put it to some good. That chance is now upon me and I am very much looking forward to contributing my own knowledge and insight in gambling related harm and assist the YGAM team in achieving the charity’s social purpose.’