Providing the tools and information to build digital resilience, educate and safeguard young people against problematic gambling and gaming.

Workshops & Information

FREE Accredited Workshops

Educational workshops designed for anyone who works with young and vulnerable people aged 7-25, such as teachers, youth workers and mental health specialists.

University & Student Engagement

Working in collaboration with universities and employing students to raise awareness about gaming, gambling and the potential risks.

Parents Hub

Providing parents with information around problematic gaming and gambling to support their families, to help build resilience and establish a healthy online/offline balance.

Help & Advice for Gaming or Gambling Problems

An extensive list of organisations and support services providing information and advice for anyone struggling with gambling or gaming related problems.

Support YGAM

The demand for our workshops, resources and work with universities is increasing. Our ambitious three year strategy sets out how we plan to extend our reach and ensure that all young and vulnerable people are safe from gaming and gambling related harm. See who we’re already working with and how you can support our goals, either through funding, donations, partnerships or corporate training.

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People are at the core of delivering the YGAM programme and we have a range of ways that you can work with us.  From part-time student positions, full-time support and delivery roles to various volunteering opportunities.


Teachers encourage parents to make use of new ‘Parent Hub’ this summer

July 2020

RSPH welcomes new ‘Parent Hub’ as schools break up for the summer

July 2020

YGAM team up with academics to provide parents with expert advice and guidance

July 2020

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