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Have you ever wondered how to respond to a young person who shares challenges with gaming or gambling with you?

Would you know how to explore and get help for potential difficulties?

Children live in an increasingly fast paced and rapidly developing digital world. With more exposure to all technologies, the potential risk for gaming and gambling related harms has become obvious to many working for the welfare of young people.

The Mindful Resilience Programme is a pilot initiative designed to enable health care professionals to access quality training on gambling and gaming harm in children and young people. The programme is designed by psychologists and informed by academics, health professionals, and individuals with lived experience resulting in training which truly delivers.

Why Mindful Resilience?

For a long time, charities working to educate and safeguard young people have been told by health professionals of a gap in knowledge and support across the health sector. There is a growing need for health professionals in all settings to understand the significant damage that can occur for some young people and their families.

Harmful gambling and gaming are going undetected. With a widely held belief that there is no available help, children are missing out on the opportunity for support.

Third sector award winning charity YGAM have teamed up with academics from Bournemouth University, to design and deliver the Mindful Resilience programme.

Health professionals (from GPs to Mental Health workers) will acquire new knowledge and enhance skills, to ensure that risks surrounding gaming and gambling related harm are identified and given increased priority and to enable effective discussion with CYP within time-limited contacts.

“You really don’t need to be an expert in gambling or gaming to be helpful”

“…your brief contact might become the pivotal moment of positive change. Being part of the process of accessing
support and resources can transform
a young person’s life”.

Dr Ali Lutte-Elliott
Co-Author of the Mindful Resilience Programme, YGAM

“We understand it can feel like a maze for gaming and gambling in children and young people; who needs support and what is the support available?”

“Through two simple steps we will show you how you can apply mindful and resilience concepts to your role to identify and direct children and young people to support.”

Dr Sarah Hodge
Co-Author of the Mindful Resilience Programme,
Bournemouth University

What will Mindful Resilience do for me?

The programme equips health professionals with the knowledge and understanding required to identify, support and refer children and young people who are experiencing harms related to gaming and gambling.

'Lost, hopeless, ashamed, despairing, suicidal'

People with lived experience used these words to describe their experience of sharing gambling and gaming problems with health professionals who were subsequently unable to meet their needs. Stigma is also a major barrier to seeking help.

This training seeks to provide a greater appreciation of these key issues, to influence the hearts and minds of professionals, who may have a powerful role in facilitating positive engagement with service.

Is this for me?

Available to all health professionals who work with children and young people (under the age of 25).

We aim to train health professionals who are limited in time, potentially restricted in role and who may not ‘treat’ these issues directly, but who are able to engage and ‘hold the hand’ of the young person into getting the help they might need.

After signing up to take part in the Mindful Resilience programme, you will be contacted with an offer of an online workshop or a bespoke training session to meet the needs of your organisation.

Once a training session has been completed, health professionals will be given access to the programme’s comprehensive and free online resources which provide up-to-date information to help identify and support children and young people affected by gaming and gambling related harms.

‘By being on this workshop, you might just save a life…’

Joe Woof
Experience of Gambling Addiction

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