Building upon the Clearview Research report, commissioned by GambleAware last year ‘Gambling: a young BAME perspective’, YGAM commissioned Clearview Research (CVR) to undertake a six-month independent evaluation of our charity, products and educational resources to help them understand how to effectively engage with ethnic minority communities in a purposeful and meaningful way. 

The first phase of the evaluation was to do an external audit of YGAM as an organisation and their ‘In The Know’ booklet. As part of this phase, CVR also reviewed YGAM’s website, social media channels, staff team, senior leadership team and the board of trustees. The second phase, which this report focuses on, involved working closely with a co-creation group of seven people aged between 16 and 35 from a black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) background to further develop YGAM’s strategy of delivering culturally appropriate materials and services that meet the needs of those from BAME communities.

Based on the evidence gathered in all three co-creation group discussions, as well as all the insights gathered to shape YGAM’s strategy of delivering culturally appropriate materials and services, CVR have presented a number of recommendations. The team at YGAM have already started to implement some of these recommendations.

Kenny Imafidon, Managing Director & Co-Founder of ClearView Research said: “Our team have really enjoyed working closely with the YGAM team over the past six months. They have been open-minded to constructive feedback and have truly taken on board any uncomfortable truths we have shared with them during this process. What I am most pleased about it though, is that they have already begun implementing some of our recommendations too.”

Kev Clelland, Operations Director at YGAM praised the collaboration by saying: “It has been a pleasure to work closely with the talented team at CVR. We have been talking to CVR since October 2019 however we have seen this piece of work become more relevant and important than ever in recent months. We are proud of our progress however more work still needs to be done by this sector to safeguard every young person and we are committed to lead the way. “

In collaboration with GamCare, YGAM are delivering a national education programme for young people across England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Supported by member of the Betting and Gaming Council, this £10 million programme will run for four years and reach over 3 million young people.

Download Co-Creation Group Report Download CVR Insights Audit Review Report