Statement: Response to the Gambling Commission’s Young People and Gambling Report 2023

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Last week, the Gambling Commission published their annual Young People and Gambling report, revealing a notable decline in participation and prevalence of gambling harms. While we welcome this trend, it is crucial to underscore that any level of harm stemming from gambling among young people is unacceptable.

Great Britain is one of the only jurisdictions where some forms of gambling are legal for children. Early evidence-based education must be an integral component part of the public health response to preventing gambling harms. Yet, it will only be effective if it is accompanied by robust regulation.

Over the past year, Ygam has successfully collaborated with numerous schools, colleges, and community groups. Our dedicated team has provided training to thousands of teachers, professionals, and volunteers, impacting millions of children and young people nationwide. The rise in safeguarding conversations identified in the report is a positive development. Over half of young people now report having discussions about the potential risks of gambling, and 70% feel well-informed about these risks.

The substantial decrease in the number of young people having some experience of gambling activities is reassuring. The concurrent decline in the incidence of young individuals experiencing gambling harms is equally encouraging, reaffirming the positive influence of early evidence-based education.

These recent findings mark a positive stride in the right direction; however, it is evident that there is still work to be done to safeguard our digital generation.

Read the full report here.

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