The UK is now 60 days into lockdown and facing our second bank holiday so it can be hard to get excited for this extended weekend. Throw in a prediction of mixed weather and some bored kids and for some this bank holiday may not be as appealing.

It may feel like your children want to spend all their whole time engaging in online games, however, there are many activities families can still enjoy, and with the ability to be outside more following the latest advice, why not take time to enjoy the great outdoors. 

Just in time for the bank holiday weekend, the first part of our new ‘Parents Hub’ website is now LIVE! The website has an abundance of useful resources and activities to help parents understand gaming, build digital resilience and set healthy boundaries for their children. Many young people will be turning to their digital devices this weekend with reports suggesting weekly games sales have increased by up to 60% during the lockdown. Our ‘Parent Hub’ aims to support parents in learning more about the signs of gaming-related harms, understand in-app purchases and find out about the parental controls available. Visit for information, tips and advice so you can establish a healthy balance with gaming.

Hopefully we will continue to be blessed with the amazing weather, so here are some ideas for families to enjoy outdoors this over the weekend;

And if the forecasters are correct and we experience some showers over the weekend we can still enjoy some family fun indoors;

There are also many different virtual activities on offer this bank holiday weekend:

Enjoy your weekend!

Amanda Atkinson, Head of Parental Engagement

For more activity ideas to help your child/ren establish a healthy online/offline balance head to our website