YGAM will be working in partnership with GamCare and supported by members of the Betting and Gaming Council (BGC), to deliver the UK’s national education programme to raise awareness of the risks of potential gaming and gambling related harms.

Members of the Betting and Gaming Council (BGC) will provide £10 million of funding routed by the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) to support the programme which forms an important part of their long-term safer gambling commitments.

YGAM will continue their work to provide accredited education programmes which are all evidence-led and evaluated to help young and vulnerable people make informed decisions and understand the consequences around gambling and gaming. The resources will be available to anyone that works with or cares for young & vulnerable people, including teachers, youth workers, community volunteers and mental health specialists.

By 2024, the charities will use this investment to work with a minimum of 13,492 practitioners and partner organisations, having reached a minimum of 3,049,200 young and vulnerable people. This is in addition to YGAM working with a third of UK universities, reaching a minimum of 1,050,000 students. Alongside this, YGAM are also launching their parent hub website to help parents and carers to build up their children’s digital resilience and establish a healthy online/offline balance.

YGAM and GamCare have set out the following shared aspirations:

YGAM Founder and Chief Executive Lee Willows said: “Building upon our impressive five-year track record of training professionals who have influence over young people’s learning, we are delighted to be working with GamCare, the Betting & Gaming Council and their members and our various external evaluation partners to scale our geographical reach to deliver this ambitious programme. Raising awareness and harm-prevention education is an important component to reduce gambling-related harms.”

“By training professionals who have influence over young people’s learning, we will equip these professionals with the skills, knowledge and confidence to not only deliver the programme but also highlight the age-appropriate support available from GamCare. The YGAM model means professionals can continuously repeat the education we provide to embed learning and evidence progress and understanding.”

Caroline Gallagher, Quality Assurance Manager at YGAM, said: “Education is essential to ensuring that young people understand the risks and are able to make informed decisions about their participation in these activities. We are proud of our high quality and accredited content which focuses on the attitudes, thinking and behaviours of young people in relation to gambling and gaming.

“The YGAM programme complements all subjects within the National Curriculum, PSHE education, student enrichment programmes and the latest Ofsted framework around creating confident, self-assured learners. Crucial learning on addiction, mental health, and money and debt are all incorporated within the programme, as well as a better understanding of why people engage in certain behaviours and activities.”

YGAM will allocated £2.9m of funding distributed over the 4 year delivery period.

For more information on our educational workshops and resources, please contact Kev Clelland, Operations Director kev@ygam.org.