As schools break up for the summer, YGAM has launched a new ‘Parent Hub’ website providing families with resources, information and activities to help build digital resilience and safeguard their children from gambling and gaming-related harms.

Following on from some research and working alongside young people, parents and carers, YGAM has developed a leading-edge ‘Parent Hub’ for their website. The site provides resources and support around gaming and gambling for parents and carers, alongside a range of tools and activities for the whole family to build up their children’s resilience and establish a healthy online/offline balance.

In addition, there is a two-hour workshop for parents of primary and secondary school children which can be delivered in schools or local communities. The workshop provides information, through activities and videos, to provide parents and carers with an understanding of online play and gambling alongside some tools to take back into the home

As children are spending more time playing digital games online during lockdown, YGAM has responded to the concerns of many parents and insists it is more important than ever to understand the potential risks associated with gaming and gambling.

The new website helps parents to understand why children are drawn to purchase products such as loot boxes, from enjoying the suspense of opening a loot box and the desire to win something rare; to receiving specific items that give an in-game advantage or boost their social status. It also covers the potential harm gaming can cause, such exposure to gambling-style systems, emotional harm, such as feeling anger or rage in response to opening a loot box, and financial harm from repeat spending.

The advice also shows how parents can take important steps to safeguard their children, including the use of parental controls and identifying potential signs of gambling-related harm.

Amanda Atkinson, Head of Parental Engagement at YGAM said: “The enormous variety of games and in-app purchases available can make it confusing for parents to keep on top of safety controls. Through our educational resources, we are focused on providing crucial information to parents so they can identify changes in behaviours and understand the effects that gambling and gaming may have on mental and financial wellbeing.”

In collaboration with GamCare, YGAM is delivering the UK’s ground-breaking ‘National Gambling-Harms Education & Prevention Programme’. Supported by members of the Betting and Gaming Council, the £10 million programme will reach over 3 million young people to raise awareness of the risks of potential gaming and gambling related harms. The development of the ‘ParentHub’ has been supported by Playtech, GVC and Lottoland.

Parents can access the advice at