So today marks the first week of a whole new way of life.

I live in what would normally be a bustling area of West London but today as I look down onto the street it is deserted and the sky which normally rumbles with the distant roar of flights in and out of Heathrow, is pretty much silent.

And what about work…we’ve had a couple of new members of staff join to build our Education Team. What a time to start a new job but they’re both right in, getting to grips with the role. There’s so much we can all do – the sort of tasks we’ve been meaning to tackle but not made the time…well the time is now.

I hope to have a weekly post to follow this period – unprecedented times. There will be many challenges to come but I feel sure will create many exciting opportunities as YGAM moves forward.

~Rebecca Mark, Head of Delivery: Education- South