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We employ students at universities across the country to help raise awareness of problematic gambling and gaming.  All students are paid the National Living Wage and work closely with the wider YGAM team to deliver awareness campaigns, attend events and create content for social media.

Partner with Us

Our recent research highlights the need for more awareness amongst university students to build digital resilience, provide additional financial support and more education around the potential dangers of gambling and gaming.  We are keen to partner with as many universities and students’ unions as possible to deliver YGAM’s unique peer-led education programme.


Over 2,000 students in higher education took part in the survey and whilst a large number of those asked said that they enjoyed the social side of both gaming and gambling, the results indicate that it can also have a negative impact on the academic performance of students and the quality of their friendships and social activities. In addition, for the students who gamble, nearly half said that they are constantly concerned about their financial situation.

How Gaming & Gambling Affect Student Life

What Students Say

“Working with YGAM has allowed me to develop entrepreneurial skills and come up with creative ways to engage fellow students. The flexibility of the role on campus around my studies is really manageable and an amazing way to build my CV.”
Community Development Manager
“It is so much more than a normal student job. At its heart you are trying to make a difference to your fellow students but more than that - you are given training, support and many transferrable employability skills. I was a highly valued member of a team making positive change in a very rewarding job.”
Spencer Community Development Manager


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