Sky Betting & Gaming and YGAM have agreed to work together to champion and contribute to the Responsible Gambling Strategy Board’s National Responsible Gambling Strategy

Sky Betting & Gaming and YGAM have agreed to work together to champion and contribute to the Responsible Gambling Strategy Board’s National Responsible Gambling Strategy, Priority Action Six: Piloting Innovations and Priority Action Eight: Education to Minimise Harm.

More specifically Sky Betting & Gaming and YGAM will work together to create up to ten jobs in the north of England to enable YGAM to increase further its social purpose by extending its geographical reach. Eight of the new jobs will be for students, where YGAM will launch its established and impactful peer education programme in four partner universities. In addition, an Education Manager will be created to establish and lead YGAM’s train the trainer programme and a Digital Marketing role will be created to lead and drive YGAM’s digital marketing strategy.

In an additional development, Sky Betting & Gaming & YGAM have agreed to lead a volunteer employee programme that enables colleagues from Sky Betting & Gaming to work with the YGAM team and our external quality-assurance partners to create, pilot and evaluate bespoke digitalised education resources. Such resources will compliment and further strengthen YGAM’s educational offering and enable digital resilience education to be delivered to young people and students in a highly effective and relevant manner.

Richard Flint, Chief Executive Sky Betting & Gaming said: ‘I have been impressed with YGAM’s approach and we are delighted to be able to support the charity to enable them to get a foot print in the North of England. Many of our customers are in to the 18 – 25-year-old bracket and we believe preventative education is one tool to minimise harm. We are looking forward to developing highly relevant digital content with YGAM and their quality-assurance partners and supporting them to grow their reach’.

Lee Willows, Chief Executive, YGAM said: ‘Sky Betting & Gaming have a highly talented team, many of which are drawn from several universities across the North of England. The opportunity to work – with them and these partner universities is an exciting prospect for YGAM given our focus on harm-minimisation among young people and students up to the age of 25 years. The YGAM team are continually innovating, learning and evaluating what we do and I believe that together we will be able to deliver some exemplar and highly relevant programmes that are entirely relevant and impactful for today’s Generation y and Gen z young people’.

Finally, YGAM will create a young person’s engagement group in March 2018. Members of this engagement group will join our Chief Executive and present at conferences, sharing their insight of future trends, opportunities and challenges for the current and future generation of young people. This will help focus the work of YGAM and ensure we remain grounded in the digital challenges and opportunities young people face today. This piece of work will be led by Laura Carey, our Head of Operations and Mike Wojcik, who is a YGAM Trustee and Chief Executive of Queen Mary Students Union. Keep an eye on our website for further details and how to apply.