YGAM & National Citizenship Service (NCS) collaborate

YGAM & National Citizenship Service (NCS) collaborate

YGAM and the NCS Challenge – July 2017

If you were given one day to try and make as much of a difference as possible to Londoners understanding of Gambling related harm, how would you do this? Following a day of planning and explaining why what YGAM does is so important, 16 and 17 year olds who helped YGAM out as part of their NCS week in Hammersmith really thought outside the box. They decided that what they would like to do is hang fake bank notes from trees in the Royal Parks as a way of starting conversations with passer’s by. They explained to them the potential negative financial implications of youth gambling, and that it can affect many different young people. For millennials, money certainly never will grow on trees! As well as this, the Young People ran a cake stall and raised almost £100, a fantastic achievement. We wish these incredible young people all the best in the future and hope that they continue to think critically about gambling.

Author: Marianna Karavidas

YGAM, NCS and CARG – August 2017

On Wednesday the 16th of August, Annie and Amelia went to Hatfield to present to young people at NCS, along with Graham White or CARG (Community Action for Responsible Gambling).

It was a great day where they talked to 6 groups of around 25 young people aged 16-17. The young people were learning about many organisations and deciding on which organisation their group would like to help. Graham started each talk off with statistic on gambling, stunning the young people and discussing the potential risks. Annie and Amelia then spoke about what YGAM does for the community and how we raise awareness through preventative education to young people.

We are hopeful that this has inspired these young people to come up with ideas for further campaigns through social media, film or presentations.

Author: Annie McDonagh


International Youth Day – August 2017

I attended the Youth International Day 2017 in Northampton on the 12th of August 2017.It was a great day which brought organisations and families together to discuss young people.

It was very beneficial as I got to meet individuals from organisations that work with young people that did not realise how much of a concern youth gambling addiction is.

Many of these organisations are very keen to attend a YGAM Train the Trainer workshop so that they can inform their young people about problematic gambling.I would love to attend another Youth International Day in the future.

Author: Annie McDonagh

International Youth Day