Reflecting on 2017, I can say without doubt has been, a year full of excitement, challenge and growth for YGAM.

Reflecting on 2017, I can say without doubt has been, a year full of excitement, challenge and growth for YGAM. It provided an opportunity to further strengthen the quality and educational rigor of our work, forge new meaningful partnerships which have delivered good results and allowed everybody involved in our work the opportunity to continually learn and mature in our roles and understanding.

We have faced some significant challenges over the past twelve months, formally incorporating our UK-Registered Charity on 26 June 2015, from a starting base of zero has been a hugely rewarding and humbling experience. At the YGAM & City, University of London Symposium in September 2017 we published our latest annual review and accounts (for the period 01 July 2016 – 30 June 2017) and our team could not have been prouder. The achievements within this annual review are only the visible tip of the iceberg; beneath and underpinning our achievements, as you can imagine, is determined hard work, absolute focus and resilience from everyone involved at YGAM. Our annual review and accounts are available on our website, however please do email us if you would like to receive a printed copy.

So, what did we achieve together in 2017, here are some highlights:

Kicking off 2018

Given the world we are in and the space we occupy focusing on responsible gambling, we continued to invite a lot of scrutiny over the past twelve months, using it as a valuable learning opportunity and to give further confidence to external stakeholders and ourselves that we were doing the right thing. Leading two independent university evaluations, the Pearson Assured and Investors in People quality audits / visits has meant that almost every month during 2017 we were being appraised. I love learning and feel YGAM is stronger, more informed and more resilient; this confidence is further bolstered every time we deliver a workshop to teachers or work with young people directly. These, our customers, love what we do.

So, as we enter 2018, we are doing so, confident in our approach, insightful from what we have learned and with a relentless strategic focus. We intend to maintain the systemic and organised approach as we did last year to ensure we continue to deliver high quality products, that our customers love.

My warm thanks to all our supporters and those whom share our belief and commitment.

Lee Willows, January 2018