Today, we are publishing the independent evaluation that Dr Margaret Carran, Senior Lecturer in Law and Deputy Associate Dean (Education), City Law School undertook for YGAM. Dr Carran undertook this six-month evaluation in a voluntary capacity. Dr Carran said: “It has been a pleasure to assist the YGAM team with a six-month, pro-bono independent evaluation of their educational resources and impressions of their training from teachers and practitioners. Feedback from teachers and practitioners was very favourable and I have made a number of recommendations as part of my evaluation, which I feel, will help the team strengthen their programme further.”

Lee Willows, Chief Executive, YGAM said: “It has been a pleasure to work with Dr Carran and colleagues from City Law School, University of London. I consider ourselves fortunate to be in a position to have the benefit of their insight and recommendations. Preventative education to minimise gambling or gaming-related harm is an under researched area and only a handful of jurisdictions across the world are delivering high quality, accredited and quality-assured preventative programmes. The team at YGAM are acutely aware that we need to ensure we take as much advice so our programmes can be as effective as possible. Our evaluation is in two-phases, this phase evaluated our educational resources and colleagues feedback. Similar to other education prevention programmes such as sexual health or alcohol-related harm, this topic needs to be handled in a sensitive manner and any resources aimed at teaching professionals, young people, students or vulnerable adults needs as much insight as possible. The YGAM education resources are the UK’s only resources in this subject area that have gained the PSHE Association quality-kite mark and are quality-assured and accredited by the Ofqual approved Awarding Body ASDAN. In addition, we are working with the Ofqual Global Awarding Body, Pearson, to secure their Pearson Assured global quality-kite mark. The combination of all this external scrutiny, plus the independent evaluation by Dr Carran gives us confidence that we are moving in the right direction.” Four days after the last tablet of antibiotics I got an itchy rash almost all over my body within minutes. Back, upper arms, thighs were particularly badly affected. Head and neck were not affected. After 4 days the rash has slowly faded somewhat. On the hands and feet, the rash is still easy to see. I had decided against taking other medications to relieve it.

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