YGAM were incredibly grateful to be given the opportunity to be part of the ICE 2018 Consumer Protection Zone.

YGAM were incredibly grateful to be given the opportunity to be part of the ICE 2018 Consumer Protection Zone. This particular zone bought together a mix of commercial and non-commercial organisations involved in the delivery of social responsibility, harm minimisation, education and treatment initiatives in relation to problem gambling.

Over the three days of ICE 2018, there was huge interest in the zone and delegates attending were able to chat to many of the exhibitioners and listen to a huge range of insightful presentations around player protection.

The YGAM stand was incredibly busy for the entire three days, with just a little rest bite on the afternoon of the last day. Many delegates were genuinely interested to hear of our social purpose; our reach; the quality, rigor and evaluation of our educational resources and how we are working with the gambling & gaming industry to promote player protection through preventative education.

Over the three days we were able to talk with legislators from across the world, new and established licensed operators, academics, educators, Local Authorities, the public and parliamentarians. ICE 2018 provided an exemplar platform for YGAM to showcase not only our educational products, but more importantly champion the need for preventative education among young & vulnerable people to minimise gambling and gaming related harm. I was particularly struck and humbled by the large number of delegates who came over the zone to specifically meet with YGAM.

Certainly, from a YGAM perspective we do hope that the Consumer Protection Zone will feature in ICE 2019. We would love to be part of it again to showcase the progress over what should be a successful twelve months for YGAM.

I will write another blog in six to eight weeks’ time to share ‘what happened next’. Attending ICE 2018 was a considerable investment of time for YGAM. We had many positive conversations, but to truly understand its impact, we need to convert the thinking and conversations in to tangible outcomes.

My huge heartfelt thanks to everybody who supported YGAM over the past three days; our trustees, Director of Education and everybody who came over to meet with us. Thanks also goes to the team from Clarion Events and Peter Hannibal from the Business Gambling Group for giving us the opportunity to be part of ICE 2018.