Working hand-in glove with our governance partners, Peridot Partners, YGAM has now completed its independent board skills audit and governance review.

Working hand-in glove with our governance partners, Peridot Partners, YGAM has now completed its independent board skills audit and governance review. Peridot Partners have been supporters of YGAM since its inception and the charity has benefited hugely from the support, insight and counsel offered by Peridot Partners, Managing Director Grant Taylor.

Lee Willows, YGAM CEO says ‘working with Grant and his team has been an absolute pleasure to complete this piece of work. A robust board skills audit process was led by Grant and his colleague Bill which has really helped us to think through the skills, behaviours and attitudes we need to strategically enable YGAM to build upon its already impressive social reach.

Peridot Partners provided a headhunt service that has yielded a highly talented board and a new Chair, all of whom bring considerable experience to YGAM. With three years of hard graft behind us, supported by purposeful collaborations within the education, gambling and public health sectors and having delivered strong financial & operational performance we are ready to evolve YGAM further. I am immensely grateful to Dan Waugh, our founding Chair who has been with us for almost three-years, before stepped down in October. Dan had helped us hugely to maintain strategic focus and widen our understanding and appreciation of gambling-related harm.

Grant Taylor said ‘In my line of work I come across many charities, many of which are struggling to carve out a real niche and grow both their income and profile, yet Lee has delivered impressive results for YGAM that is quite unprecedented in the sector currently. We supported the process to recruit Dan Waugh, YGAMs founding Chair and were delighted to be asked again to find a new Chair and strengthen the wider board with additional trustees. I am very much looking forward to supporting YGAM with a high impact induction for all new trustees and supporting the charity to embed modern, 21st Century board values and behaviours. YGAM is a very special charity and is one to watch in the sector.

Rachel Jones, YGAM Chair says ‘From my initial conversation with Grant Taylor, to meeting the wider team and getting a fuller appreciation of YGAM, I have been hugely impressed with the dedication, commitment and impact from such a young charity. As Chair, I intend to use my knowledge, skills and contacts to lead the board and support YGAM’s ambition to contribute significantly to digital resilience education in the United Kingdom. YGAM is uniquely placed and a well-connected organisation to realise this ambition.

Mike Wojcik, YGAM Trustee say ‘My first introduction to YGAM is when I attended their thoughtful, stimulating and engaging YGAM symposium. I left inspired. Addiction is complicated. The solution of helping those in need of help is itself a gamble. I have little doubt that prevention, providing life skills, tools and awareness is part of the solution. I am convinced YGAM will thrive over the coming years, stay true to its values and develop bespoke innovative programs. I am keen to support YGAM to reach every university in the UK by working with all key stakeholders.