YGAM is currently pulling together our first annual review as a UK-registered charity. The annual review will show the steps we have taken to establish the charity; accreditations, quality-assurance marks and awards we have won; what we have achieved and an outline of our future work for the next twelve months. The annual review will also show our independently audited accounts. We are seeking to publish this annual review in June 2016 and will update this specific page with the key information from that review.

In addition, we will publish the URL link to the Charity Commission website on this page, where you will be able to download the full review.

We asked colleagues what motivated them to attend the YGAM train the trainer workshops?

Safeguarding & Wellbeing

Teachers said gambling / social gaming came up as a potential risk in their recent safeguarding and wellbeing student's survey.

Behavioural Addictions

Teachers said they were interested in behavioural addictions among young people.

PSHE Curriculum

Teachers said they were keen to deliver this as part of our PSHE curriculum.


Teachers said they don't do anything on gambling / social gaming in our PSHE curriculum, but do want to.

Important Issues

Teachers said they did consider this an important issue.

We asked colleagues, what learning have you gained from attending the workshop?

Gambling Harm Prevention

Ideas to deliver gambling-harm prevention workshops.


Confidence to deliver gambling-harm prevention workshops.


Greater knowledge of youth gambling in the UK.


Support agencies available for young people who are affected by gambling-related harm.

We asked colleagues whether they found the day useful, impacting and relevant?

Useful, Impactful and Relevant

Said Yes!

YGAM has worked with establishments from around the Uk, including colleagues from the following schools, colleges and educational establisments

Bablake School | Impact of YGAM

Bablake School

Bedford College | Impact of YGAM

Bedford College

Bellerbys College | Impact of YGAM

Bellerbys College

Cheadle Hulme School | Impact of YGAM

Cheadle Hulme School

Crestwood College | Impact of YGAM

Crestwood College

Danum Academy | Impact of YGAM

Danum Academy

Daventry UTC | Impact of YGAM

Daventry UTC

Doncaster Council | Impact of YGAM

Doncaster Council

Dorothy Stringer School | Impact of YGAM

Dorothy Stringer School

Helen O'Grady Drama Academy | Impact of YGAM

Helen O'Grady Drama Academy

Inspire2Learn | Impact of YGAM


School Improvement Liverpool | Impact of YGAM

School Improvement Liverpool

Manchester Grammar School | Impact of YGAM

Manchester Grammar School

Milton Keynes College | Impact of YGAM

Milton Keynes College

Oaks Park High School | Impact of YGAM

Oaks Park High School

Paget High School | Impact of YGAM

Paget High School

Prince's Trust | Impact of YGAM

Prince's Trust

Raynes Park High School | Impact of YGAM

Raynes Park High School

St Saviour's & St Olave's School | Impact of YGAM

St Saviour's & St Olave's School

Sherborne | Impact of YGAM


St Peter's School | Impact of YGAM

St Peter's School

Trinity Catholic School | Impact of YGAM

Trinity Catholic School

Waltham Forest | Impact of YGAM

Waltham Forest

Windsor Boys' School | Impact of YGAM

Windsor Boys' School

Wycombe High School | Impact of YGAM

Wycombe High School

YMCA | Impact of YGAM