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What did colleagues think of our workshops

"We had an outstanding day with the YGAM team learning all about gambling & social gaming and its potential effects on young people. There are countless opportunities for young people to gamble and it's important that they know about the potential risks and where to get help for themselves or friends if they are negatively affected. The YGAM training gave us lots of ideas on how to educate our young people about the potential risks and we have followed up the training with drama performances to explore the issues."

"We are grateful that YGAM made the journey to Middlesbrough to come and share their programme with us. There has been an explosion in the awareness of gambling among young people and until now, no other agency has offered the quality of teacher training that YGAM delivers. We enjoyed getting to grips with the YGAM educational programme and applying it to our PSHE Curriculum. We have successfully delivered a number of lessons to our students and found the YGAM resources appropriate and of high quality."

"Gambling is prevalent among the student population and at our college we wanted to learn more about it and ways in which we could support our students.

I really enjoyed the YGAM training as it was in a completely new curriculum area, which to my knowledge no other organisation is focused in.

I found the training highly relevant, authentic and have implemented some of the workshop ideas with our students.

Would recommend other colleges to consider working with YGAM, during what is an important transitional phase for students into adulthood."

"In a recent Health and Well-being survey commissioned by Doncaster LA. 50% of pupils responded that they take part/ have taken part in at least one of the gambling activities. This included playing arcade games, buying lottery tickets, gambling on-line and placing bets. 20% of pupils responded that they experience/have experienced at least one of the following behaviours when gambling; finding it hard to stop, trying to win money back and forgetting everything when playing. As part of our safeguarding commitment to young people and strategy for the Local Authority, we invited YGAM to come and train colleagues from a variety of youth organisations and our academies. There was a hugely positive response from all colleagues, who thoroughly enjoyed the training and left with all the tools and knowledge to implement an effective programme in to their individual PSHCE / Safeguarding areas of work."

"It was really helpful to learn about gambling & social gaming and the possible links to mental health and addiction. This is an important aspect of the PSHE Curriculum that is currently overlooked in many schools. We are looking forward to welcoming YGAM to Liverpool in December 2016 to participate in our PSHE Conference to train colleagues from all educational organisations from across the city."

"Gambling is synonymous with sport, particularly football. Here at our foundation we are committed to working with YGAM to raise awareness of the potential risks associated with gambling and train some of our staff and volunteers in their community education programme. We have an incredibly positive relationship with the team at YGAM and we have found their workshops highly engaging and relevant."

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What motivated you to attend a YGAM workshop?

Young Gamblers Education Trust | Dice

22% of teachers said they were interested in behavioural addictions among young people.

Young Gamblers Education Trust | Clipboard

20% of teachers said they were keen to deliver this as part of their PSHE curriculum.

Young Gamblers Education Trust | Light Bulb

28% wanted ideas to deliver gambling-harm prevention workshops.

Young Gamblers Education Trust | Projector

25% wanted the confidence to deliver gambling-harm prevention workshops.

Young Gamblers Education Trust | Book

32% wanted a greater knowledge of youth gambling in the UK.

Young Gamblers Education Trust | Phone

15% wanted information on support agencies available.

Meet some of our supporters

"Gala Coral is proud to support the important work of YGAM. Nobody in the gambling industry wants to see customers harmed by compulsive gambling and we invest heavily to keep gambling safe. YGAM is addressing the need to educate youngsters on the potential dangers of gambling, so that they are better equipped to make the right choices when they turn 18 and are able to participate. This excellent work will help prevent harm from happening in the first place and, having been impressed by YGAM's professionalism, passion and pace, I am delighted to be able to support the charity so that it can increase its reach across the UK."

Carl Leaver, Chief Executive,
Gala Coral Group

"Betvictor are proud to support the work of YGAM with a grant to roll out their education programme to young people in Gibraltar. Working with the Ministry of Education, our college, university, youth service and two schools in Gibraltar, YGAM will deliver a high impact programme to raise awareness and teach those whom have influence over young people's behaviour. As an operator based in Gibraltar we wanted to support our local community and having heard of the work of YGAM, we were keen to find out more and find a way in which we could collaborate. The response to the YGAM programme has proven popular among all educational providers in Gibraltar and we are looking forward to their return visit."

Sarah Wood, Betvictor,
Head of Compliance

"Preventing gambling-related harm is a key priority at bet365 and we are particularly proud to be supporting the work of YGAM. The educational resources the charity has produced are of a very high quality. We are impressed by their approach and commitment to work with the industry in this important area."

Sheila Preston, Chief Regulatory Officer,

"It's so inspiring to see the work that Lee and his team have accomplished in such a short time - and we're proud that Gamevy has been a small part of that. Seeing young people educated on the potential risks and realities of gambling is crucial and - to be honest - long overdue."

Helen Walton, Marketing Director,

"Lee reached out in late 2014 when he had the idea to establish a new charity to prevent gambling-related harm among young people via preventative education. At Peridot Partners we have an established history of supporting some of the UK's leading charities with sourcing talent for senior roles and organisational governance.We have proudly supported the work of YGAM for almost two years and have seen the charity grow in strength, reliance and impact. The charity was created from a desire to create social change and now it is starting to lead the agenda of gambling-harm minimisation in the UK. The charity has a competent and knowledgeable Board of Trustees, ambassadors and staff. It is exciting to see YGAM tackling a social issue through preventative education, an approach that is not being undertaken by any other charity in such a professional way."

Grant Taylor, Managing Director,
Peridot Partners

"Caesars Entertainment EMEA is delighted to be in a position to be able to support the work of YGAM and the rollout of their university Peer Education programme. Leaving home and going to university is a big transitional period in any young person's life and the ability to manage their personal finances is an important life skill. An essential part of the YGAM Peer Education programme is money and debt and we feel these lessons are important, especially for those who choose to participate in gambling. Many of our colleagues have children of their own and none of us want to see young people harmed by their participation in gambling. By supporting YGAM, we feel we are contributing to the important social message that YGAM gives to young people and one that resonates with our colleagues and Corporate Social Responsibility strategy."

Mike Rothwell, Managing Director,
Caesars Entertainment EMEA

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