Annual Report 2015/2016

Opening reports & operational overview

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Chairman's Report

This has been a critical and exciting year for YGAM. We have made remarkable progress in a relatively short space of time, successively putting in place the building blocks to build a structured programme to raise awareness and understanding of gambling-related harm amongst young people.

Key milestones have included the development of Britain's first youth education curriculum on the risks of gambling; accreditation by the awarding bodies, ASDAN and the PSHE Association, running pilot workshops, expanding the YGAM team and preparing the ground for our peer mentoring programme with the University of East London.

These achievements have only been possible thanks to the generosity of those who have contributed their time and resources to support YGAM – in particular the small band of volunteers and trustees who have given their time so freely.

The generosity of our financial supporters has made YGAM's early achievements possible but perhaps more importantly has put the charity on a stable funding basis, allowing us to build sustainable plans.

We are aware that our work takes us into a sensitive and often controversial space. Our focus is on making a positive difference to young people through education, learning as we go and applying those lessons in a process of continuous improvement. We know that our efforts are part of a much broader programme of harm management, including research, regulation, intervention and treatment. We believe it is critical to work together with other organisations that are looking to make improvements (in terms of harm reduction) in each of these areas.

Chairman's Report | Dan Waugh

In our new financial year, we will continue to roll-out our train the trainer workshops and commence our peer mentoring programme. These will be underpinned by the launch of our evaluation and research initiative to make sure that our work is underpinned by insight and continually improved through assessment.

I am immensely proud of what YGAM has achieved since its inception and on behalf of the board of trustees wish to thank those who make its work possible. We continue to face and overcome challenges, each time emerging stronger as a result. We enter 2016/17 confident that we can continue to make a positive contribution to the issue of gambling-related harm amongst our youth.

Chief Executive's Report

I am incredibly proud to share with you our first annual review as a UK-Registered Charity. Minimising gambling-related harm amongst young people is a social cause that I, alongside our ambassadors and Board of Trustees, care about deeply. It is a social cause that all our YGAM supporters believe in and we are proud to be working with them all to achieve this.

Charities are often founded by those who have had life-changing experiences; YGAM is no exception. Preventative education around gamblingrelated harm is virtually non-existent. This is especially for young people and when compared with the amount of information available for other risky activities, including sexual health and drinking alcohol. Gambling is legalised in the UK and so, like alcohol or safe sex education, young people need to know about the potential risks and how to stay safe, in order to make informed choices.

Going through treatment for my addiction and scoping the potential for YGAM, I was astonished with the lack of information available to young people when compared with safe sex or responsible drinking. I also know from personal experience there is a huge stigma around gambling addictions, making it hard for young people to seek help – even when they, or their families, recognise that their behaviour is out of control.

It was against this backdrop that YGAM was born.

Chief Executive's Report | Lee Willows

It has been an incredible twelve months and in this annual review we will share with you the work we have completed to date and our priorities. Starting any new charity or business is a challenge at the outset, and for me, establishing YGAM from nothing was an added challenge. Our success is down to the team, which is now assembled, our supporters who had the confidence in our ability to deliver, and to the teachers and practitioners who were our early adopters of our programme and really got behind what we are seeking to achieve. Everybody has been incredibly generous with their help and support and for that I am hugely grateful; without it YGAM would have remained only a concept. It is the wider team that has made it a reality and my heartfelt thanks goes out to you all.

I do hope you enjoy reading our annual review and if you feel you can help or contribute to our work in any way, please do get in touch.

Operating Review - what we have done

Young Gamblers Education Trust | Medal

Successfully awarded charitable status by the UK Charity Commission and entered on to the register of UK-Registered Charities.

Young Gamblers Education Trust | Handshake

Secured a large number of high impact corporate partnerships; businesses who are supporting YGAM's strategic growth, influence and impact.

Young Gamblers Education Trust | Credit Card

Secured £87,000 worth of pro-bono / in-kind support. This ranged from legal advice, marketing, website design and technology.

Young Gamblers Education Trust | Tick

Developed the UK's first accredited and quality-assured gambling-related harm minimisation resources for teachers, youth workers and those who have influence over young people's learning. Our resources and training programmes are accredited by ASDAN, the Ofqual approved awarding body. Additionally, our educational resources have been awarded the PSHE Association Quality Mark for best practice PSHE education teaching resources.

Young Gamblers Education Trust | Teachers

Trained teachers and youth workers from over 60 schools, colleges and third sector organisations participated in the YGAM programme.

Young Gamblers Education Trust | Awareness

Delivered workshops to over 600 young people directly; raising awareness and helping to prevent gambling-related harm.

Young Gamblers Education Trust | Speaker

Extensive programme of gambling industry engagement and speaking at several national conferences.

Young Gamblers Education Trust | Thumbs Up

Our founder is an UnLtd social entrepreneur award winner and a Rank Foundation social leader.

Young Gamblers Education Trust | Money

Secured over £100k of funding from a variety of partners to financially secure our immediate future.

Operating Review - how effective has it been; what we will do next year

How effective has it been?

The principle focus in the first year was to develop and extensively pilot our educational products, secure our immediate financial future and ensure we had all the foundation and quality processes in place to give teachers, and our supporters, the confidence in our professional undertaking. The Board of Trustees feel this has been achieved and done so at a remarkable pace.

The second year will see YGAM launch its fully independent research and evaluation programme. The Board of Trustees believe it is critical that this area of YGAM's work is not funded or supported by the gambling industry whatsoever. The UK Responsible Gambling Strategy Board (RGSB) rightly suggest, in the new National Gambling Strategy, that little is known around the effectiveness and value of preventative education around the world. YGAM will work with all partners to deepen global understanding in this area.

Young Gamblers Education Trust | Silhouette

Work in partnership with at least four further Universities to expand our peer education programme and create further part-time employment opportunities for psychology students.

Young Gamblers Education Trust | Programme

Launch the first stage of our research and evaluation programme, specifically looking at how teachers approach the delivery of the YGAM programme with young people.

Young Gamblers Education Trust | Award

Develop the UK's first Level 2 qualification for practitioners wanting to deliver harmminimisation education to young people.

Young Gamblers Education Trust | Speech

Continue our extensive programme of gambling industry engagement and seek speaking opportunities to share our learning.

Young Gamblers Education Trust | Pound

Secure £100,000 worth of pro-bono / in-kind support.

Young Gamblers Education Trust | Happy Handshake

Gain five new corporate partnerships.

Young Gamblers Education Trust | Coins

Secure a further £300k to expand our reach and impact - from a variety of funding sources.

Young Gamblers Education Trust | Arrow

Formulate and register a new Limited Company as a commercial training subsidiary, with profits going to the charity.

Young Gamblers Education Trust | Bookmark

Train teachers and youth workers from at least 500 schools, colleges and community organisations.

Young Gamblers Education Trust | Check

Become an approved Pearson / Edexcel qualification and training centre.